Strategies and Outcomes
The Summer Doldrums

The Real Time Management

Time management isn't limited to carving out your studio time.  A lot of effort can be wasted in those precious hours if you spend the time on the wrong activity.

Time is initially spent mastering technique. But at some point it becomes more important to discover  the painting you want to paint, not just indulge yourself in the pleasant activity of painting. 

This means a willingness to evaluate very early in the process and wipe off repeatedly.  Spending more time in the thinking areas because you already have a pretty good command of the doing areas. And this can also mean the fear that days might be wasted while you struggle over the idea of what to paint. 

Recognizing when you are ready to manage your time this way, and then having the vision and courage to actually do it, now, that's the real time management.


Inspiration this week:

From the 99U blog Massimo Vignelli on The 3 Traits of Great Creatives


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