Living in The Between Revisited
How the Light Gets In

Pushing Back against Circumstance

So here's the thing about circumstances:  we consider them obstacles influencing our abilities to reach goals.

In which case we lose momentum, stall in creative endeavors until, suddenly, we're standing still.

So if you are setting goals for 2014, consider this: just re-frame the word circumstance into two ideas.

Circum - a prefix meaning 'around.'

Stance - a mental or emotional position adopted with respect to something.

There will always be circumstances in life.  We can stop and worry about them.  We can set things aside because of them.  We can even moan to our family and friends that the reason we haven't produced much in the past few months is because of those circumstances.

Or we can re-frame our experience, take a step back, and look for a different way around that mental or emotional position that we've adopted in response to what we think we are experiencing.