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September 02, 2013


Patrick Gracewood

Ethically and aesthetically consistent. What a concept!
What positive self valuing to put the same level of care and support for our completed work that we put into the creation of our work.
I see I have some cleaning and organizing to do.
Thanks for writing this, Sue.


Lori - thank you!

David - Hang in there - Eric Maisel, Ph.D, has a new book out that might interest you - Making Your Creative Mark: nine keys to achieving your artistic goals.

David Raison

I work in a non-art job (until January - hooray!) and understand your comments entirely. My unsold artworks are stored in the loft; my wife doesn't want them cluttering up the house. My studio is the garage and has to compete with a car and workbench, so that's not a viable storage area.

I get a fair bit of support at work for my art, which helps me tremendously with understanding my worth as an artist, less so at home.

Once I've retired from the day job, I hope to gain more sales and reduce the amount of work I have stored away. Until then, it's steady as she goes.

Lori Landis

This is really true. Well said Sue!!

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