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February 19, 2013


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David Raison

My wife is starting to accept that I will be spending time painting, so the idea of negotiating a set period each day sounds like a winner to me. I think it will also act as a spur to actually get on and paint!

Patrick Gracewood

Amen,Sue. That need to hurry, Do ART faster is the first thing, on every project, that needs to be addressed. Damn, wish it were not so, but it is.

Lori Landis

Hi Sue, No matter how long we've been doing it, your blog still means a lot to me. The season is going big time down here in Scottsdale with my doors open to the public
when I'm at my studio. I'm totally tired at age 69. I had to take the day off and do other things because I was getting so weary.
I enjoyed being outside and not thinking about ART. It was refreshing!! Thanks for all your great blogs and love the painting!!

Sherri B.

Such valuable advice - thank you!


Thanks, Bill!


Beautiful piece, Sue.

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