Old Sai Loses a Horse (or a Taoist Fable for Artists)
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Meaning Making

"Earth" photo by pschubert


There are times - no matter how strong we are, how successful or talented, we wonder if what we are doing really matters.

But take a moment. 

Just sit in silence and imagine the world. 

Imagine it spinning, with the outlines of all continents, the oceans.

Now think about the people who have purchased your art. See pinpoints of light shining in the dark, lighting up in the cities where these people live.

Think about the visitors to your website, for 10 seconds or 10 minutes, it doesn't matter. They saw something in your art that intrigued them, caught their attention.  Held meaning.  See their lights flickering on, blooming out around the world.

Think about the readers of your blog. Those who just scan the hadline, others who comment, even those who disagree with what you have to say.  See their lights.

Think about those you help through the sale of your artwork. The galleries, salespeople, framers. The people who create your magazine ads or work behind the scenes on the juried shows. I support Kiva with every art sale, so I see lights blinking on in Mongolia, Peru, El Salvador, Kenya, Turkey, Cambodia, on and on. 

Think about the random acts of kindness you perform, the donation in the red kettle outside the department store, the extra large tip you left the harried waitress who still managed to refill your coffee, the artwork you donated to the pre-school fundraiser. 

More lights, flickering on. 

You, your thoughts about art, your creative energy - more powerful and full of meaning than you think.

Just look at that earth shining in light. 



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