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Sunday Salon: Sitting Down with Fiona Morgan

I met Australian artist Fiona Morgan in response to my open invitation to artists to participate in the Sunday Salons at Ancient Artist.  She introduced herself by saying, “I'd love to be part of your Sunday Salon. Do I have to be an ancient artist to qualify? I'm not over 50, but I certainly haven't followed the usual path of art school straight after high school. My path is the self taught one and I have made the switch to full time artist later in life after a career in commercial design (medical graphics and animation).”

Meatless-Meals_Middle-Eastern-Roast-Vegetables I peeked at her website and was immediately smitten by this talented artist with her fresh-air approach. I mean, who could resist the invitation to "have a stickybeak around" on a website titled "Where Fish Sing - because the world smiles with possibility", or a blog titled "Spaces Between the Gaps"? She describes herself as Creative. Geek girl. Artist. Food. Oil painting. Found Objects. Sustainability. Environmental art. Symbolism. Myth. New technology. Animation. Add all & simmer...Hi, I'm Fi. The artist of "".

Image Above: Chunky. Spiced. Easy. Versatile.This food painting artwork is 30 by 30cm acrylic on textured Hahnemuhle 300 gsm paper.  Image used with permission. Copyright belongs to Fiona Morgan. The recipe is for Middle Eastern Roast Vegetables. Yum!

Here is what Fi has to say about art, food, living life and being her own person:

"My reason for blogging is to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity that the internet has given artists to make connections. Technology is a boon to artists for meeting with like minded folks without the blocks of geography or necessitating a gallery as middle man. Finally we can be in control of how we and our art is presented. We have the choice to shine our personality and chat about our influences to people who are interested. And people are interested. Most people are fascinated with creativity and want to know how a picture came about. There are so many beautiful images out there.  If anything we now suffer from image saturation. People need a connection to a picture to have it stand out. Which is why I think shining our personality and telling the stories, the why behind a painting, our influences and inspirations are so much more important than ever in making that connection with our collectors. This is why I blog"

Meatless-Meals_Pumpkin-Soup "My current project is the "Art Filled Seasonal Cookbook that happens to be Vegetarian". It's a year long project of seasonal meatless meal recipes posted freely on my blog 3-4 times a week. Each recipe has an original accompanying artwork. The recipes are not just for vegetarians. The aim is to have people swoon with yum and not care if the meal was vege or not. Because pretty much everyone knows a vegetarian nowadays. If a raving carnivore needs to cook a vege meal, they usually don't know where to start. This collection is for them as well as the full time non-meat eaters."

Image Above: Easy. Homely. Liquid. Gold. Pumpkin Soup, artwork is 30 x 30cm oil on canvas. Image used with permission. Copyright belongs to Fiona Morgan.

Fi adds, "The artworks for each recipe are originals that aim to capture the essence of the dish. They art all a modest size of 30 x 30cm to fit onto a wall in even the tiniest modern flat."

Is your interest peaked?  Mine certainly was. I’ve included some of my favorite art pieces and links to Fi’s recipes, and I know you’ll find favorites of your own, too

All the most up to date information on the cookbook project, including a Table of Contents can be found at Where Fish Sing.

Meatless-Meals_Creamy-Spinach-Pasta Image: Creamy. Delicate. Fresh. Light. Creamy Spinach Pasta. Artwork is 30 x 30cm acrylic on paper. Image used with permission. Copyright belongs to Fiona Morgan.

If you would like to see more of Fiona Morgan's art, visit WhereFishSing's photostream.  The blog for is Spaces Between The Gaps.