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Sunday Salon: Sitting Down with James English Babcock

I "met" California artist James English Babcock through Facebook.  Recently, he posted a video for his fans. I thought it was such a great idea that I asked if I could share it on this blog.  

How many of us have enjoyed art openings and wondered how we could promote our art beyond the standard email or postcard mailing, or wondered how we could make our blog posting more interactive?  We hear lots of ideas about promoting our art, but how are those other artists  doing it?

James English Babcock took the opportunity at a recent art opening of his to create a YouTube video interview with himself, which he then posted to facebook as well as on his blog. It takes a bit of planning, learning how to make and post a video to YouTube, and then arranging for the time at the gallery space before the crowds.  But wouldn't it be fun to include some of the crowd action, too? 

James English Babcock "is a self taught landscape artist with a focus toward realism," as the bio page on his website will tell you, but the images of his very large format paintings felt to me to be the equivalent of "being there."  I particularly enjoyed reading about how he prefers the back roads and out of the way views of his California Wine Country location, rather than painting the vineyards. I hope you will check out his work.

Here is the link to The Art of James English Babcock website and the link to the blog is here.